There’s A 12-Year-Old Genius Attending Cornell This Year

As we grow older, freshmen in college tend to look younger and younger. But we’re pretty sure that none of us has ever seen a freshman quite as young as Jeremy Shuler. This young Cornell University student is a mere 12 years old, and is having no trouble keeping up with many of his college-aged peers.


From the beginning, many people could tell that Jeremy Shuler was one absolutely brilliant kid. By the time he was only two years old, he was reading books in both English and Korean. He might just have gotten that super-smart mind from being home-schooled by two aerospace engineers.

Now, at the age of 12, Shuler will be attending Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He was actually ready to go to college at the age of ten, due to his high test scores on AP and SAT exams. However, even though this little boy is no regular child, he is still interested in being a normal kid.

Jeremy Shuler still calls his parents “mommy and daddy,” and he remains close to has childhood friends. The friends were mostly made during his time at math camp, where the majority of the children were on the same intellectual level. Shuler was not a fan of the playground, where the other children his age were screaming and running around wildly. At the age of five, this brainiac was reading The Lord of The Rings, not swinging on the swings.

So, you might wonder, how is this little dude going to handle college? He won’t be attending fraternity parties or anything like that, will he?

Well, obviously not, due to his young age. But the 12 year old says that he has some experience dealing with older friends. Jeremy states that he believes that classes are fun, especially the discussions and lectures, even if they are a little too easy for him.

Another young college student named Joe Bates was a 13-year-old freshman at John’s Hopkins University in 1968. Bates says that the lower-level school system can be incredibly boring and that it can cause harm to highly-intelligent kids, rather than making it easier for them.

Bates stated, “If I were to give Jeremy Shuler any advice, it would be that it can be hard and you should not assume you can manage everything. You should truly keep your parents and advisers informed, and ask them for help. It’s not going to be like before, when you could just do everything.”


Even though Jeremy says that the classes are easy so far, we can expect that he will enjoy the challenges that college brings. Jeremy Shuler is looking forward to the experience so much that he wants to pursue a career in academia. Maybe this whiz kid will be teaching college by the time he reaches nineteen.