Kim K. Publicly Outed Taylor Swift: Watch The Video Here

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, then you’re well aware of the huge drama that is going on between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.  The singer was proven guilty of lying about being blindsided by Kanye West’s song “Famous,” in which the rapper claims that he made Taylor Swift famous. Until the release of Kim’s now-infamous Snapchat, Taylor swore repeatedly that she had once again been victimized by Kanye.


Taylor has been telling the world that she didn’t know anything about the lyrics of the song or the specific, and rudely-worded, line claiming that Kanye had single-handedly made her a household name. But in Kim’s bombshell Snapchat, revealing a secretly-recorded phone call, you can clearly hear Kanye singing those exact lyrics to Taylor and getting her glowing approval. So, what happens next? Taylor Swift’s reputation as the sweet, innocent girl-next-door could be forever tarnished. Taylor Swift has been playing the role of Kanye’s victim since his mic grab at the VMAs back in 2009. But now, Taylor has been caught in a lie and has shown that her innocence is nothing but a ruse. Kim has proven that Ms. Swift wasn’t as naïve as we all thought that she was. Also, with the released recording, Taylor Swift’s career as a song writer could be called into question, too.  Some are now wondering why Kanye wasn’t allowed to write about Taylor, when all she does is write about her exes. After all, Taylor has made a career of writing about being victimized by the men in her life. But this video proof of her lying might not bode well for her reputation in the industry.

Taylor’s friends have been getting in on the drama as well, which hasn’t really helped much. Taylor’s good friend Abigail Anderson took to Twitter to try to defend Swift, but in doing so, she brought up Kanye and Kim’s daughter North. Dragging an innocent child into a public argument is never a good idea. Abigail tweeted, “I pray she understand that her father actually IS faithful to her mother, despite all the adulterous comments she will hear her father making.” The “she” that Anderson is tweeting about is actually North West, who is three years old. The backlash to these tweets was almost instantaneous. Abigail received numerous hate tweets, and even some death threats. And Taylor might not have much legal recourse, either. According to California law, Kim and Kanye cannot be arrested for possession or release of the tape. Tough luck, T-Swift. Publicly, Taylor has released this statement on Instagram: “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I never asked to be a part of, since 2009.”


It’s not clear why the feud between the Wests and Ms. Swift has escalated to these extremes, but it makes one wonder if Taylor might not wish she hadn’t beaten out “Single Ladies” at that fateful awards show years ago. Here’s the video. Caution: there’s plenty of NSFW language.