Seriously Head-Scratching Mistakes That Builders Have Made

These huge mistakes in engineering or architectural planning can ruin the purpose of a whole building or structure. Some of these silly mistakes are hazards to civilians as well. Check out these crazy head-scratching building mistakes…


This image shows a huge civil engineering fail. The engineers intended to make a bridge over the sea, but in order to save time they started building the bridge from both ends. They had a massive failure, since the intersection points of the both ends don’t align. The image clearly shows a lack of proper planning and a major civil engineering failure.

Sit For Your Money


This image shows one of the most insane engineering fails. The ATM machine was made near the pavement at this crazy low level. Whoever wants to use this ATM has to sit down on the pavement and complete the transaction openly in front of everyone who is passing by.

Useless Elegance


In this image, these beautiful stairs have been designed by the builders to lead the people to a wall. Normally, stairs should lead to a pathway or door, but these ones only lead to a solid wall and a dead end. Whoever is behind this fail should not be eligible for an architectural degree.

A Fan That Can’t Spin


In this picture, the biggest problem is that the fan is useless, as it has been blocked by a wooden pillar. This wooden pillar supporting the roof isn’t going to let that fan spin. I wonder if the fan was placed after the building was made? Either way, someone did some horrible planning here.

Jump for your Money


This ATM machine has been placed at a height of almost nine feet above the ground, which is way too high for an ATM. Anyone who wants to use this ATM must be an athlete because without athletic abilities you will not be able to use this machine. This is a display of total carelessness on the part of the building’s planners.

Mystery Stairs28.jpg

This picture shows one of the biggest construction flaws you will see these days. The stairs in this picture lead to a dead end. The stairs have been extended without any purpose and have been blocked due to this sole reason. I’m sure the builders felt stupid later on.

Watch Your Head


In this image, it is clear that the person who did this is extremely careless and a lazy worker. The air conditioner has been given the sole support of a wooden log that is blocking a closed door. This is a display of carelessness and a lack of presence of mind.

Can’t See You


This security camera has been fitted at an awkward place as there is an exit sign in front of it. Due to the exit sign, the camera has no use left for security purposes. This shows a lack of management and proper placement, since nothing taking place in the room will be recorded.

Eye Sore19.jpg

In this picture the builders who designed the house might have forgotten the fact that there was a pole just in front of the garage and right in the path of a car coming out of the garage. The garage should have been designed on the opposite side or they should get rid of the pole first.

Silly Tracks


Well, this right here is the most dangerous civil engineering failures that could take human lives. The railing on one side has been covered with a platform sort of block. There is no rail for the train to continue its path and it will all end up in a horrific accident.

Where to Go?


This is a complete construction failure as the staircase in this picture leads to a dead end. There is no way for the person to climb the stairs in order to use it. The opening of the stairs should have been on the opposite side so that It could have been used.

Jump In Jump Out


In this image the door looks like it’s about 3 feet above the ground without any staircase or an alternative way for coming out. The person who might have constructed this forgot to make modifications in this epic failure and left it out as a joke for others to see.

Leading Nowhere


This escalator has been made at a very embarrassing place. Only kids can use this facility as there is no place for taller ones to pass through without getting themselves hurt. There should have been some space left up at the ceiling. This is also a construction failure.

Where’s the Water?


The image doesn’t show any significant issue with this sink but on closer observation, it becomes clear that the tap has been installed far behind. When you turn on the tap the water falls on the edge of the counter instead of falling into the sink. It would get messy trying to wash your hands or face at this sink.

Look Up24.jpg

These stairs have made us realize the intensity of this construction failure. They lead to nowhere and hence they are useless. Obviously the stairs should go to the upper floor, but these stairs are leading to just an awkward conclusion.

Don’t Fall Down


This image shows a huge construction failure in form of a door placed almost 7 feet above the ground without any purpose. There are no stairs and no such way for the person to come down using this door. What a complete completely careless building failure.

Great Views


In this image, the the builders made a huge mistake because they placed a window to cover the wall. What is the purpose of the window here in this building? Nothing! There was no need for the window.

Lovely Balcony4.jpg

In this picture, there is a display of total construction failure. The terrace in the above window has a purpose but the terrace below is useless, as it was made without any window and without any purpose.

Watch Your Step


This image shows a huge construction failure in the form of a door placed way above the ground, without any purpose. There is no way that this door can be used without someone falling and getting hurt. What a building disaster!

Complete Staircase Fail


The second set of stairs was made without any purpose. If the staircase was to be modified it should have been demolished first and then reconstructed again. Instead, the person who did this saved his time by overlapping the stair case. This is a display of total carelessness and construction failure.



The two steps and a support rail, along with the stairs, should lead to the upper floor of the building. Instead, you have no way to go up because it’s blocked by a wall. Having a first look you may think that there might be a way but after really observing, the only thing that’s certain is that this is a building failure.

Electric Hazard


Why would anyone make a tap right above an electrical outlet. This is entirely insane and terribly horrific as it could lead to severe consequences. There should have been only one the tap or the switch. Not both.

Bad Paint Job

Bad Paint Job

This picture clearly depicts the negligence of civil engineers. The road has been ruined as if some kids were playing with it and have painted it messily. These yellow and white lines were supposed to be in the center of the road but these are everywhere. This road needs some serious attention, or it could lead to accidents.

Slide of Hell


In this image, it’s difficult to guess what was going in the mind of the person who placed this slide there. Little kids who don’t know there’s a hole there could end up falling inside and getting hurt. What a horrible and dangerous building mistake.

Faulty Manhole


The big fail in this image is that the manhole cap has been overrun by this pavement. There is no way to open the sewer cap if any maintenance is needed. In order to open it, the sidewalk has to be demolished first. It is the result of total mismanagement and bad planning.

Floating Door8.png

In this image the door is like 15 feet above the ground without any staircase or an alternative way of coming out. The door has been constructed at a dangerous height. The person who might have constructed this forgot to make modifications in this epic failure and left it out as a joke for others to see.

No Need For Curtains?


In this image, the viewer cannot justify the reason for that window. Why was it placed there despite solid brick chimney behind? The builders might have made a huge mistake in the placement of that window. It ruins the whole look of the house.

Don’t Fall Down


The door in this wall was placed at a very dangerous spot. This is a display of lack of proper construction knowledge. There are no stairs or any other way for the person who wants to use the door. This door shouldn’t have been there at all.

In the Way32.jpg

In this picture, one thing is clear: proper planning was necessary. This door is blocked in the middle because of the iron grill railing. A person using the door will face some difficulty in coming in and out. You can’t even guess what was going through the builder’s mind while he was doing this.

Careless Plumbing30.jpg

In this picture, there is a display of lack of professionalism. The pipe has been weirdly placed. This water drainage pipe is placed on a tiny wooden bench. These pipes are generally fitted along the wall, not like this.

How Bad Do You Need to Go?


The picture makes a person laugh at such a big construction failure. Why wasn’t that toilet moved before a wall was built? Nobody could ever use this toilet since there’s a wall cutting it in half. How did this even happen?

Walk Through Walls


In this image, everything seems to be a huge blunder. The display board is there, the stairs are there but there is nothing beneath that sign board and stairs are leading to nowhere except a wall. There should have been a shop or a doorway but instead, there is nothing.

Find the Faucet39.jpg

This picture shows the full extent of human carelessness. This small cupboard has two sections and there is a faucet inside it. What is the need of a faucet inside a cupboard? What in the world was the builder thinking while doing this?

Topsy Turvy6.jpg

This picture contains one of the biggest construction fails for a hotel. The window on the right side is completely tilted. That window has destroyed the overall look of the building. This is entirely embarrassing as this window is showing the negligence of both the constructor and also the management.

Got a Flying Car?12.jpg

In this image, there is a display of disastrous civil engineering planning and architecture. The garage is constructed on the top floor. Unless you have a flying car, how do expect to park inside there? What a stupid and embarrassing mistake.

Floating Stairs


These wooden stairs have been made but it is tough to say that for which purpose. The side coming out of the door or window is almost touching the upper portion of the door. No one could ever use this staircase.

Why Was This Made?


This balcony was made there without any reason. Usually, a balcony should have a window or door but this was just added on a plain wall. It looks completely pointless and stupid. What a silly building mistake!

Watch Your Step Please!35.jpg

The door in this place has been placed at a very dangerous spot. This is a display of lack of proper construction. There are no stairs or any other way for the person who wants to use the door. This door shouldn’t have been there… it should have been placed where someone could actually use it.

Ugly Architecture34.jpg

In this image, the door of the building has been blocked by the pipe that is directly in the way. Anyone who wants to use the door will face difficulty while trying to get it or out of the building. Someone could even trip over that pipe by accident. This is a display of lack of planning and attention.

Worst Wheelchair Ramp13.jpg

One of the most embarrassing engineering fails ever is in this picture. The wheelchair ramp was made so people could be wheeled along the side of the staircase, but it seems as if the builders were confused at what they were doing. Not a very good job!