The First Gilmore Girls Trailer Will Leave You With a Lot of Questions

Finally! The first trailer for the long-awaited Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix is here! While non-Gilmore fans probably don’t understand what all the hoopla is about, die hard aficionados have been anticipating this for what seems like forever.


So what’s going on in Stars Hollow? Here are the highlights. Warning: there are some major spoilers ahead.

First, Jess is back and as big of a heartthrob as ever. The trailer doesn’t reveal whether or not he and Rory will rekindle their relationship, but he does seem to be very supportive of his former flame. This might be reading too much into the scene, but Jess doesn’t appear to be wearing a ring, so there’s definitely still hope for these two!

There are also appearances by Dean and Logan. It’s been previously disclosed that Dean only makes a cameo on the show so Team Dean fans will probably be disappointed. Will it come down to Jess and Logan? Or will Rory find someone new to give her heart to?

Luke is still rocking the flannel shirts and backwards baseball caps. He’s also still a healthy eater, scolding Lorelei and Rory for eating tacos. Could his healthy eating habits be the reason that his relationship with Lorelai seems to be a bit strained? Lorelai swears that the two of them are happy, but also admits that “lately, things seem hazier.” Fans have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions watching this couple finally get together, break up, and then reunite in the series finally. Hopefully viewers don’t have to watch these two break up yet again.

There’s already going to be enough heartbreak in the revival as the women have to deal with the loss of family patriarch, Richard Gilmore. Emily is seen coping with the death of her husband of fifty years—while wearing blue jeans. For a woman who is always dressed to the nines and would never dare to be seen with a tear in her pantyhose, this is a big deal. Seeing Emily Gilmore lose her fire will likely prove to be one of the most heartbreaking things on the show. If the ever-composed Emily Gilmore can’t hold it together in the face of devastating loss, where is the hope for the rest of us?

Other favorite characters make an appearance as well. Paris is sporting a short haircut, Sookie is still cooking up a storm, Michel is as sassy as ever, and Kirk, for some unknown reason, is present at Friday Night Dinner.

Perhaps the biggest shock of all is that Rory Gilmore is unemployed. Is the economy really so bad that a Yale graduate can’t get a job? Or is she experiencing some sort of existential crisis? Rory has always been a relatable character, and seeing her in her early thirties trying to find herself and get her life together is a plot point that is sure to resound with millennials.

gilmore girls1.jpg

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will air on Netflix and hopefully answer all the burning questions the trailer has inspired. One thing is for sure: November 25th can’t get here soon enough!