The Secret is Out! Check Out The 8 CRAZIEST Celebrity Winter Escape Destinations

Not everyone loves to frolic in the snow when the cool starts to kick in, especially celebrities that can easily afford dream destinations in warmer parts of the world.

Check out the top eight destinations for celebrities to escape the nip of the winter. You will NOT believe your eyes…..



This insanely gorgeous Miami resort and ultimate destination houses some of the biggest names in the business during the colder months. Celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Tom Brady and Gisele, and even the handsome Leo DiCaprio have posted up on the white sand here to enjoy the serene views of Miami, the 5-star restaurants, luxurious villas and so much more.

Why Not Jamaica?

Picturing warm, white sands and a gentle swell crashing against the calm shore in Jamaica sounds pretty dang nice, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to the Round Hill Hotel and Villa, located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Surrounded by natural beauty, this hotel provides individual bungalows for their guests that are tailored to their own personal taste. With guests/ owners like the great Sir Paul McCartney, Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren and more, these villas are the ultimate getaway for the most elite in the world.

Rockin’ The House

This place is unbelievable, with gorgeous, bungalow-like rock villas hanging over the clearest water you have ever seen? Good lord, can we please live here?! The Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica is not only voted “Best Hotel in the Caribbean,” but has welcomed huge celebrity names since the early 70’s like the legendary Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and even the Rolling Stones! Makes total sense why rock stars would be drawn to such a destination.

Parrot Cay

Turks and Caicos has always been a dream destination for those that can afford it with private beaches, crystal blue waters and soft, white sand. Parrot Cay Luxury Resort is by far one of the most frequented hotels on the island bringing in the rich and gorgeous, like the newly-wed couple, Sofia Vergarra and Joe Manganiello and many more.

This stunning hotel features idyllic views and breathtakingly romantic bonfires. The suites are designed with gorgeous wood floors, and are equipped with walk-in closets, kitchens, and beautiful bedding. The private beachfront seascape will blow your mind. Seriously, Google it.

Eden Rock

Do not even get us started on the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barts. Welcoming the biggest names in the business year-round, Eden Rock provides unreal, secluded beaches, 5-star restaurants, and everything you would ever need to relax. Celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Matt Damon and Ashton Kutcher can be found here or yachting around the pristine, magical waters of the Caribbean.

Las Ventanas

Last, but certainly not least, Las Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the most stunning hotels in the world. Celebrities come here to unwind with incredible hacienda-like mansion villas, and private, elevated views of tranquil, clear water. Surrounded by authentic Mexican decor, Las Ventanas invites the rich and famous to experience Cabo San Lucas year-round.

Las Ventanas

We know what you’re thinking: these places cannot possibly exist… We’re right there with you wishing we had the doe to spend on killer destinations like this too. It sure does pay to be rich and famous…