Woman Keeps Eating Pork Bun In Typhoon

Girl, Can’t You See I’m Eating My Pork Bun??

Ever been so hungry you simply couldn’t stand it? Then please meet Mrs. Dai from Taiwan. Mrs. Dai is so hardcore, she was snapped eating a rather tasty pork bun in the street. During a full-on typhoon. That’s right; a TYPHOON.

Girl, Can’t You See I’m Eating My Pork Bun??

Typhoon Megi itself has killed four people in Taiwan and triggered two landslides in China. The glorified image, which has been circulating on social media since Wednesday, was snapped by an Associated Press photographer and captioned: “A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by typhoon Megi across the the island in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016.”

One look at the pic above will tell you how powerful typhoon Megi was. If you look at it another way, the pic also shows you the sheer determination Mrs. Dai has in order to keep that pork bun in her death grip.

I bet at that moment Mrs. Dai had so much adrenaline pumping through her system that she could have held a full-scale battle tank in place. Well, as long as the tank had a few pork bun drippings coming off of it.

I have the image in my head of Godzilla coming on land, taking one glance at Mrs. Dai’s “What? You want some of me?” gaze, and then simply backing down and returning to the sea, frustrated, but alive to tell the tale another day.

It’s My husband’s Fault

Now you know Mrs. Dai wasn’t about to take the blame for wanting that pork bun so badly. She blames her husband for the whole thing. He’s the one who bought her the pork bun, from FamilyMart, a convenience store chain. If Mr. Dai is smart, he’ll just accept blame and avoid any and all eye contact.

Strangely, Mrs. Dai is embarrassed that such a photo is her “claim to fame”. I wouldn’t be. Who could be embarrassed about having the superhuman strength to stare down a typhoon that had injured more than 600 people? Whilst holding an umbrella, and still have enough energy left to wolf down a pork bun?

Hell, I honestly think the people running for their lives during the typhoon were probably a good deal more frightened of Mrs. Dai at that moment than typhoon Megi.

Taiwan is Smack Dab in The Middle of Typhoon Country

Taiwan is regularly slammed by typhoons and even some super typhoons, which makes the plight of Mrs. Dai especially relatable for a citizenry who is constantly battling the elements. I suppose people, in general, can get used to nearly any type of conditions. This entire scenario shows us just how resilient we are as humans, ready and willing to tackle nearly any situation.

Taiwan is Smack Dab in The Middle of Typhoon Country

It’s also telling that these pics will endure forever. If I were a business, I’d take these pics and post them near the entrance. If I owned Walmart, I’d fly Mrs.Dai here and leave her at the front door at the start of Black Friday. Bet you wouldn’t see too many riots then, lol.